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The model is suitable for the anatomical structure of an adult male and simulates the upper half. It has been developed to practice and teach parenteral nutrition therapy and care, central venous cannula. It is made of special plastic.

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Length: 33 cm Width: 50 cm Height: 19 cm Weight: 4.03 kg


  1. The upper apex pulmonis part of the right lung, the inner structure of the heart, the clavicle, the structure of the upper right 1. and 2. rib bones can be observed.
  2. The transparent heart valve can be opened to view the right atrioventricular valve. Heart intubation training can be practiced.
  3. Central venous intubation cannula practice can be performed, and then parenteral feeding treatment and care can be applied. It includes the internal jugular vein, subclavian vein, vena cava superior, and simulative blood fluid application can be done to these veins.
  4. The transparent module structure containing central venous blood vessels can be examined separately from the model.
  5. The transparent module structure containing blood vessels can be covered with skin to simulate cannula application in the human body. Thus, the education can be done realistically.
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