Product code : NS/111A

The model has been developed to teach medical procedures that can be performed on the radial artery. It is made of special plastic. The model has a mechanism that allows the radial artery vessel to be changed mechanically. In the model, arterial puncture, injection and transfusion applications can be performed under arterial blood pressure. Thanks to the mechanical device, the radial artery vein can be replaced with a new one to prevent vascular leakage after the puncture procedure. Thus, it can be used many times.

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  • Special Plastic Special Plastic


Length: 53 cm Width: 15 cm Height: 16 cm Weight: 4.6 kg


  1. It can be used for radial artery injection and arterial transfusion training.
  2. It has a rubber bulb that provides simulative arterial pulse and realistic arterial blood pressure.
  3. A distinct sensation occurs when the needle is penetrated into the artery. The return of blood indicates the correct application.
  4. Wrist skin and arterial blood vessel can be changed.
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