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It was developed to be used in nursing care applications according to the anatomical features of children aged 3 years. It is made of special plastic. A usable arm and leg module is also provided with the model. IV injection, pulse simulation and intra-bone intervention applications can be performed on these modules.

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Length: 89 cm Width: 33 cm Height: 16 cm Weight: 6.36 kg


  1. There are lungs, stomach structure, and rib cage structures in the chest cavity.
  2. Child care applications: Bath, changing clothes, eye drops, ear drops and oral care applications can be done.
  3. Neck, arm and leg joints are movable.
  4. Airway management: It includes structures such as the oral cavity, tongue, teeth, gums, glottis, trachea, larynx, pharynx and esophagus.
  5. Endotracheal intubation can be done.
  6. Tracheotomy care can be done.
  7. Sputum suction can be performed.
  8. Oxygen inhalation can be done.
  9. Feeding is performed through the mouth and nose.
  10. Gastrolavage can be done.
  11. IM injection can be made to the bilateral deltoid and vastus lateralis muscle.
  12. Subcutaneous injection can be made from the abdomen.
  13. IV injection and blood transfusion can be performed on the arm module. At the same time, pulse can be felt through squeezing the plastic rubber bulb on the arm.
  14. Enema can be done.
  15. Female - male urethral catheterization can be done.
  16. Female - male bladder irrigation can be done.
  17. Ostomy (colostomy and ileostomy) care can be done.
  18. Intraosseous intervention can be applied on the leg module.
  19. Trauma assessment and care practices can be made;

Trauma modules;

-Incision and suture in the abdominal area
         -Infected wound care training in the abdominal area
         -Laceration in the abdominal area.


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