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The model has been developed according to the anatomical structure of an adult female for nursing care training. It is made of special plastic. It is a practical model for users.

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Length: 151 cm Width: 36 cm Height: 21 Weight: 12 kg


  1. It has mouth, tongue, teeth, gums, pharynx and stomach structures.
  2. Hair, face, eye and ear washing, eye and ear drops can be applied.
  3. Oral cavity and artificial teeth care can be done.
  4. Waist, neck, arm and leg joints are movable.
  5. Bed bathing, changing clothes can be done.
  6. Heart compression can be done. A warning is available at the correct compression depth.
  7. Tube sending and feeding processes from mouth and nose can be simulated.
  8. Tracheal incision care can be made.
  9. Gastrolavage can be done.
  10. Arm injection and blood transfusion can be applied. Bilateral basilic and cephalic veins of forearm and metacarpal veins on the dorsal surface of the right hand are simulated.
  11. Arm and hand surface skin and vascular structures can be easily changed.
  12. IM injection can be done to right arm deltoid muscle and right gluteus muscle.
  13. Pneumothorax position can be determined and needle intervention practices can be performed.
  14. Intracardiac injection, thoracentesis, bone marrow, celiac biopsy, liver and lumbar puncture trainings can be simulated.
  15. Enema tube position can be determined and training practices can be done.
  16. Female urethral catheterization and bladder irrigation trainings can be done.
  17. Perineal care can be done.
  18. Breast care and examination can be done.
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