Product code : NS/55-20

The trauma module set is made of special plastic. Model consists of 22 modules that simulate most injuries in the body such as burn, laceration, crush, open fracture, gunshot, etc. It is developed to provide training such as first aid training to be applied in surgical trauma, stopping bleeding, washing, disinfecting and wrapping the wound.

Tax Included
  • Special Plastic Special Plastic


Weight: 5,92 kg

Trauma modules:

  1. 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burn in the face area
  2. Injury on the forehead area
  3. Injury on the jaw
  4. Open clavicle fracture and chest crush
  5. Injury on the abdominal area, protrusion of the intestine
  6. Open fracture of the humerus in the upper arm
  7. Open fracture of the right hand (soft tissue rupture, fracture and bone crush)
  8. 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns on the left forearm
  9. Palm gun injury
  10. Open femur fracture
  11. Split and rupture in the thigh area
  12. Open fracture in tibia
  13. Fracture in the thigh area
  14. Injury with foreign body in the thigh area
  15. Cut and suture application on breast
  16. Cut and suture application in the abdominal area
  17. Amputee upper arm stump
  18. Amputee leg stump
  19. Cut and suture application in thigh area
  20. Deep cut in the thigh area
  21. Infected wound in the thigh area
  22. Gangrene formation and decubitus wound in the right foot
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