Corporate Identity

Although the Keklikoglu Plastic logo has preserved its own lines in terms of its general appearance, the company has undergone changes several times since its establishment. The company’s first logo for representative start with Mr. Mustafa Keklikoglu’ initial of last name started its journey in 1900’s.

Keklikoglu Plastic company that taken certificate of registration in 1990 year, as well as first company that produced in the manufacture of toy balls in Turkey, figurines, statues etc. with its manufacturing, it has been present in the well-established market chains in our country.

The lines of today's logo were determined in 1990 and the black gear symbol met with the Keklikoglu lettering. Each gear of the wheel has a different meaning.There are eight gears of wheel that represented to manufacturing, experience, power, sustainability, pleasure, resolution, quality and stability in this logo.

By the year 2000, with the production of the first anatomy models as a result of the R&D studies, the logo gained a more modern appearance and started to be used with the wheel symbol on a white background. In 2010, the Keklikoğlu logo took on its own identity with a stronger and more energetic red color.With the increase in product diversity and rising brand value in 2018, the company logo has reached its present form by gaining a better appearance in every environment and printing with its sharp lines and shadowless use.