Keklikoglu Plastic firm is producing to all anatomy models using all the possibilities of technology for all institutions affiliated to the Ministry of Health, medical faculties and provincial health directorates.  In all the original pieces of anatomy models produced by Keklikoglu Plastic have to 3 years guarantee and 7 years support, maintenance and repair service.  Our anatomy models are important materials for academicians, students and relevant health workers in quality education. Keklikoğlu Plastik sheds light on the field of medical education by using the closest scientific details to reality in all the models it produces. As Keklikoglu Plastic have used new generation quality special plastic raw material in all our models and we offer the 3 years factory guarantee and 7-year free maintenance and repair support for long-lasting usage support is provided.

With all of the dimensions the anatomy models produced by Keklikoğlu Plastik are in realistic human dimensions. Keklikoğlu Plastik is sole firm made domestic production in Turkey. Our firm distinguishes itself from its competitors in the industry with its unique guarantee, emphasis on domestic products and models with only its own patents in the world.

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