Product code : CT/50B

The model has been developed for thoracentesis and lumbar puncture applications. The model simulates the male torso. The model is designed in a sitting position and has a special chair so that it can be seated facing back while using it during training. Its arms are at the top of the chair. His head is leaned on the chair. The model's chest, belly and back have a realistic anatomical structure. It has an elastic chest skin.

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Length: 68 cm Width: 45 cm Height: 43 cm Weight: 12,315 kg 


  1. 2nd to 11th costa bones and intercostal spaces are simulated in the rib structure.
  2. L1-L2-L3-L4-L5 lumbar vertebras are simulated.
  3. Thoracentesis and lumbar puncture training, puncture applications in lateral or sitting position can be performed.
  4. There is a wireless operation mode with the remote control.
  5. It gives an audible warning in correct and incorrect puncture applications.
  6. Runs on battery or power adapter. 

Chest puncture:

  1. Various puncture sites; Puncture can be performed in the region from the seventh to the ninth intercostal space of the infrascapular line and from the fifth to the eighth intercostal space of the linea axillaris mediana.
  2. When the needle enters the pleural part, the resistance of needle will be gone. Simulated pleural fluid is removed.

 Lumbar puncture:

  1. Vertebral and intel vertebral opening structures are clear and clearly observable.
  2. The system accepts the accuracy of the puncture application made between the L3-L4, L4-L5 intervertebral opening. The coming out of simulated cerebrospinal fluid can be observed.


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