Product code : CT/65

The model has been developed to practice basic surgical operations. Ligation training can be performed in the skin, blood vessels, and intestinal tract.

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Length: 23 cm Width: 22 cm Height: 8 cm Weight: 0.42 kg


  1. Model consists of skin module, intestinal module, blood vessels module and ligature sections.
  2. Surgical incision, suture, cutting over the skin and dermal suture can be applied on the skin module.
  3. There are two types intestinal canal modules as 20 mm and 30 mm in diameter. Ring clamp, anastomosis, ligature and intestinal tract cutting can be applied.
  4. Ring clamp application, cutting and tying blood vessels can be done on the blood vessel module.
  5. In the ligature module, deep ligature can be applied in a narrow area.
  6. There are replaceable intestinal, vascular and skin modules.
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