Product code : CT/80

The model has been developed for normal and pathological eardrum examination training with the help of an otoscope. It simulates the neck and head. There is a visual scale containing normal and diseased eardrum lesions that can be placed in the ear canal. Thanks to its base, it can be easily positioned during application.

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Length: 40 cm Width: 20 cm Height: 22 cm Weight: 2.115 kg


Provides 14 different cases of normal and pathological eardrum.

  1. Normal eardrum.
  2. Hyperemia of the eardrum.
  3. Invagination eardrum.
  4. Small eardrum rupture.
  5. Large eardrum rupture.
  6. Traumatic rupture of the eardrum.
  7. Secretory otitis media (SOM) / (acute middle ear early hyperemia).
  8. Secretory otitis media (SOM) / (acute middle ear effusion).
  9. Myringotomy tube placement.
  10. Middle ear inflammation (chronic otitis media without cholesteatoma).
  11. Tympanosclerosis of the eardrum.
  12. Crescent-shaped sclerosis plate of tympanosclerosis.
  13. Cholesteatoma (chronic otitis media with cholesteatoma).
  14. Meatus acousticus external opening.
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