Product code : CT/58

The model has been developed for elbow joint puncture and intraarticular injection applications. The model is designed according to the anatomical structure of the elbow joint of an adult human. It is made of special plastic. The electronic control device helps to teach the accuracy of the applied procedure and puncture area.

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  • Special Plastic Special Plastic


Length: 34 cm Width: 20 cm Height: 50 cm Weight: 3.4 kg


  1. Provides convenient position for palpation training and joint puncture. It contains anatomical structures such as the humerus, lateral epicondyle, medial epicondyle and forearm bone.
  2. It can be used for the diagnosis and treatment of golfer and tennis elbow.
  3. The injection controller warns the user with a sound and red light when the puncture is applied to the cubital nerve point.
  4. The injection control device informs the user with a yellow light when pressure is applied towards the lateral epicondyle and medial epicondyle sensitivity points.
  5. The injection controller confirms the process with a green light at the lateral epicondyle and medial epicondyle puncture sites.
  6. The joint injection controller is powered by a battery.
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