Product code : CT/74

The model has been developed for clinical nasal bleeding training. The head and neck are simulated based on the adult anatomical structure. Tampon and cautery training can be given in nosebleeds.

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Length: 27 cm Width: 14 cm Height: 15 cm Weight: 1 kg


  1. The model has the correct anatomical structure of the nasal cavity and nasal septum.
  2. It provides basic hemostasis, cauterization and nasal tampon training.
  3. It simulates all symptoms of epistaxis (nosebleeds).
  4. There 4 basic vascular structures in which epistaxis occurs are simulated. Simulated blood can be applied to these veins. Littles, sphenopalatine, ethmoid and superior labial artery structures are simulated.
  5. When the cautery device reaches the vessel areas where bleeding occurs, it informs the user with the green indicator light on the control box.
  6. The flow rate and speed of blood can be controlled.
  7. Control box is powered by battery.
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