Product code : CT/85

The model has been developed for wrist joint arthroscopy applications. It is suitable for the anatomical structure of the adult right forearm and hand. The inner part of the wrist can be opened. The inner part of the wrist includes the radius, ulna and carpal bones, articular disc and intra-articular ligament structures. It is suitable for use by fixing it on the table.

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Length: 24 cm Width: 14 cm Height: 6 cm Weight: 0.455 kg


  1. The model is suitable for teaching the diagnosis and treatment of joint disorders such as wrist articular disc, arthrodial cartilage and intraarticular ligament injury, arthrosclerosis, synovitis and tumor treatment by wrist arthroscopy.
  2. With the right front arm connecting the palm the model includes skin, radius, ulna, carpal, wrist articular disc (triangular fibrocartilage) and intraarticular ligament structures. It provides correct positioning in arthroscopic examination and surgery.
  3. Behind the wrist, two different parts, simulation of wrist arthroscopy operation approach, two ways: dorsal face of radius and dorsal face of ulna, conduct joint examination and support arthroscopic operation exercise of surgical methods.
  4. There are two intervention sites opened in a suitable position for arthroscopic operation practice.
  5. The model can be disassembled to explain the ankle joint function.


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