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Model has been developed for training of common clinical injury or inflammation conditions and operations such as rehabilitation treatment, tendon sheath or joint cavity puncture and intraarticular injection. It is produced in a realistic structure based on the anatomical structure of the adult left ankle joint.

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Length: 21 cm Width: 23 cm Height: 9 cm Weight: 0.755 kg


  1. It provides correct position for palpation training with the prominent anatomical structure of the ankle and joint.
  2. Intra sheath injection and intra articular injection can be applied in different parts of the foot and ankle.
  3. The injection control box indicates when the operation is performed correctly or the nerve is injured with indicator lights
A. Functions of the indicator lights of the injection control box:
      - Green light: If the injection is correct, the green light will be on and there will be an audible warning.
      - Yellow light: If the tendon injection is correct, the yellow light will be on and there will be an audible warning.
      - Red light: Red light will be on and there will be an audible warning for errors such as wrong operation, nerve damage.

B. When performing intraarticular injection operation on parts of the ankle joint, the injection can be done according to the control box:

     - Plantar fasciitis
     - Achilles tendon
     - Tibiotalar joint
     - Subtalar joint
     - First metatarsophalangeal joint
     - Fifth metatarsophalangeal joint
     - Morton's neuroma (between the second metatarsal nerve)
     - Morton's neuroma (between the third metatarsal nerve)
     - Sinus tarsi
- Tarsal Tunnel
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