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The model has been developed for normal and pathological eardrum examination training with the help of an otoscope. It simulates the neck and head. The model contains 25 ear modules containing normal and diseased ear structures. During the examination, the application can be performed by placing ear modules on the model.

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Length: 33 cm Width: 25 cm Height: 32 cm Weight: 3.175 kg


It includes 25 types normal and diseased eardrums;

  1. Normal eardrum.
  2. Hyperemia of the eardrum.
  3. Invagination eardrum.
  4. Small eardrum rupture.
  5. Large eardrum rupture.
  6. Traumatic rupture of the eardrum.
  7. Secretory otitis media (SOM) / (acute middle ear early hyperemia).
  8. Secretory otitis media (SOM) / (acute middle ear effusion).
  9. Myringotomy tube placement.
  10. Middle ear inflammation (chronic otitis media without cholesteatoma).
  11. Tympanosclerosis of the eardrum.
  12. Crescent-shaped sclerosis plate of tympanosclerosis.
  13. Cholesteatoma (chronic otitis media with cholesteatoma).
  14. Meatus acousticus external opening.
  15. Central perforation of the tympanic membrane.
  16. Traumatic perforation of the eardrum.
  17. Severe perforation of the eardrum.
  18. Complete puncture of the eardrum.
  19. Cholesteatoma behind the eardrum.
  20. Agile cholesteatoma with bone destruction.
  21. Cystiform tympanic cholesteatoma behind the malleus.
  22. Bone destruction by attic cholesteatoma. Complete tympanosclerosis.
  23. Punctured attic mesotympanum with visible cholesteatoma epithelium
  24. Cholesteatoma pocket reaches the external auditory canal in the attic area
  25. Cholesterol granuloma, membrane evagination accompanied by inflammatory polyp
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