Product code : ET/94

47 kinds of ECG can be obtained from 10 regions on the adult full-size ECG manikin. ECG monitoring can be done using a real defibrillator. It is made of special plastic.

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  • Special Plastic Special Plastic


Height: 167 cm Width: 50 cm Height: 21 cm Weight: 16.3 kg


  1. 47 electrocardiography selection can be done with the control box provided with the model.
  2. The model can be connected and used with various clinical ECG machines and monitors.
  3. It provides independent 12-lead electrocardio signal.
  4. Four wave amplitude levels are available.
  5. ECG probes can be connected to a total of 10 regions, including 6 regions located in the right-left arm and leg and chest.
  6. IM injection can be made to the bilateral deltoid and vastus lateralis muscle.
  7. Control box is can be re-charged and it word for 4 hours with a full battery.
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