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Five-year-old child CPR, auscultation and nursing care training manikin is made of special plastic in accordance with the anatomical structure of a five-year-old child. Its skin is soft and elastic. It has a durable structure that allows the applications to be repeated many times.

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Length: 116 cm Width: 36 cm   Height: 18 cm   Weight: 9 kg


  1. Pupil observation can be done; While one is normal, the other is mydriasis.
  2. Pulse simulation training can be given; right radial artery, right brachial artery and right femoral arteries are present.
  3. Airway management: Oral cavity, tongue, glottis, trachea, larynx, pharynx, esophagus structures are realistically simulated. Oral and nasal tracheal intubation, sputum suction and oxygen inhalation trainings can be given. It is possible to give head and neck position. Tracheostomy care can be done.
  4. CPR operation training: The manikin supports multiple ventilation modes. The artificial respiration volume and the depth of cardiac compression can be followed by colored lights through the electronic control device. Training and evaluation mode is available. The control device is re-chargeable.
  5. Cardiopulmonary auscultation training can be given. There are 77 types of normal and abnormal heart sounds, 31 types of breathing sounds, 28 types of lung sounds comparison, 4 types of pulse sounds and 5 types of bowel sounds.
  6. A feeding tube can be placed through the mouth and nose (Fluid administration is not allowed to prevent damage to CPR functions)
  7. Gastrolavage: the gastric tube can be placed. (Fluid administration is not allowed to prevent damage to CPR functions)
  8. It is suitable for venous puncture, injection, transfusion and blood drawing training. Right arm cephalic and basilic vein, right hand dorsal vein, right leg femoral vein and left leg great saphenous vein can be used.
  9. Double-sided vastus lateralis (thigh muscle) and deltoid muscle IM (intramuscular) injection can be made.
  10. Bone marrow puncture: There is a tibia bone module in the right leg and puncture can be performed. Intraosseous intervention training can be realized by simulated blood application.
  11. Ostomy (colostomy, ileostomy) opening is available and ostomy care practices can be done.
  12. The manikin has male and female genital organs. Urethral catheter applications can be made using liquid.
  13. Enema training can be given using liquid.
  14. The elbow, shoulder, hip and knee joints of the manikin are movable.
  15. Chest organs; heart, lung, stomach, liver are available.
  16. Intestinal and bladder structures are present in the abdominal cavity organs.
  17. The eyelids of the manikin are open while standing and closed while lying down.
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